Cyb Sym Int Cav Dov

August 2022
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Album art by Owen McCallum-Keeler

Data Bird

May 2022
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Album art by Yuka Annabelle-Tamura

Binary 16 Inches Deep Web

Sept 2021
Binary 16 Inches Deep Web is an exploration the of Teletype, a eurorack module made by the company of the name Monome. This module is a live coding module that uses its own syntax, and has been the brain of most of my analog system and music production lately. I was particularly interested in the idea of binary code, and bitwise operations to store and receive patterns that I can send to control the pitch of notes and trigger drums.
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Album art by Nicole Strubinska


June 2021
This release is a collection work from Spatial Audio, a class that focuses on creating immersive 3D sound experiences using high order ambisonics, multichannel sound and binaral audio. All tracks (aside from remixes) were composed for 24 channels and binuralized for stereo listening.

Over the course of my explorations with ambisonics and multichannel audio, I focus on ways I can create impossible abstract spaces by synthesizing all of my source material and abusing the freedom I have within the software used within the field of spatial audio and ambisonics such as the Spat 5 library in Max and the IEM plugins meant for use within a DAW.

All source audio comes from my eurorack modular synthesizer and the Serge modular synthesizer at RISD.
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Album art by Hannah Rosies

Sound Synthesis for Synthetic Fibers

April 2021
All recordings were made with the Serge modular synth and Supercollider in Sound Synthesis, a class taught at RISD in the Spring.