Case Delle Armi, Luigi Moretti


Curved flat planes extend from vertical colomns to cre- ate a sort of truss to hold up the curved roof structure. These are mirrored on both sides and meet art a center point where a window seperates the edges of the curved structures, creating an apeture for light. a flat roof is placed over the structures, the colomns on the side of the shorter curved roofing enxent vertically to the hight of the higher roof, to create the illusion of a single recta- nular cube shape on the exterior of the building.


A fencing student walks into Case Delle Armi, makes a slight right turn, and continues to the stairs. The student passes through a doorway to the staircase and walks up one flight of stairs to the second level, making two left turns on the way up. They then walk through a doorway onto the balcony. They make a right turn and walk to- wards the end of the balcony, and make a left turn at the end of the balcony towards the doorway onto the outside (but roofed) passageway into the next building. They make a right turn and walk through the passageway and into an entrance into the next building. They then make

a left turn towards the locker / storage area. they walk to their locker, grab gear and what not, and walk towards the spiral staircase at the end of the space. They then walk down the spiral staircase and into the half-hight lower level space. They take a right and walk down the space and into to the meeting room at the end of the space.

Apetures and Well

Apertures of light and weather provide a minimalist academic environment focused on shade and shadow. Classroom placement is informed by the directionality of the sun. This project is in response to the lack of natural light and shadow in the mostly entirely enclosed elementary school. This structure is generative as the original school plan informed proportions and design, and the topography and sunlight will inform program and individual object placement.

Lightweight Pavillion Art Academy 

Urban Ecologies

Environmental Design and HVAC