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Upcoming Show: Waterworks @ Metropolitan Waterworks Museum 0426/272024 ~Chestnut Hill, MA

Femi is an architect and sound artist from New York

is currently studying architecture at RISD (after a year in 2019 in textiles),
installs work that dicusses the conversation between our ears and the ground above and beneath our feet,
performs rituals as sadnoise,
makes sounds using digital/analog synthesis, DIY electronics and esoteric code based languages using random, chance based systems,
DJs and produces dub tehcno/micro house under the alias Sonuga,
hosts SRST Sessions, a video series highlighting local artists in the RI/MA area,
uploads tutorials, music videos, patches, live shows,
updates log occasionally.

XXIIVV webring

How can we properly acknowledge the displacement and destruction of indigenous land as the gentrification and backwards evolution of music and culture in the underground BIPOC communities in nyc. How can we design a space that bridges the gap between the two cultures and creates a welcoming space for new experimental sonic ritual practice. What are natural ways these interactions can form and what will aid both cultures during the design process. What do these communities need in order to feel welcome both physically and sonically.

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