I LOVE my job. We have a strong development team that is super fun! We go for drinks, talk shop, talk smack and in general have a good time! We support each other when we need to complain about feces for brains business people and help each other when needed. My job itself is very challenging and I get a lot of freedom in developing our infrastructure. The expertise in our team is skyhigh and I learn everyday. Every few months when I look back and I am amazed at how much I learned. I am allowed to make mistakes, no hard feelings. Our team leads have vision for the future and know how to communicate this. As far as I can tell this vision is in line with the developments in our field. I get to be responsible for processes and I get to criticize policy and processes. If spearhead an effort to change something people listen with an open mind. Often people will think along with me and enable me to actually make a difference. I work exclusively with Linux systems we fully administer ourselves. The only windows in my life is the labtop because thats policy. The lunch at work is cheap and amazing in quality for what you pay. Sure there are bad days and good days. The business is terrible at software development lifecycle. We get involved way too late. There are large problems with understaffing in our team. But in general the good far outweighs the bad. I LOVE my job.