RITUAL is the first release in a series of Albums I'll be releasing every month for a year as part of my thesis. This series focuses on ideas of sound as ritual practice along with themes of architecture, dreams, land acknowledgment, academia, indigenous practices, sexuality, love and relationships and the internet. The purpose of this series is to really dive into the idea of recorded improvisation as a ritual practice and generative/algorithmic systems as a connection to nature and the organic/organism. Sadnoise has always been as much about the conversation between the internet and nature or the "absence" of the internet as it has been about the interaction between produced or manipulated sound and physical space.

Artwork by Hannah Rosies

SYSTEMS is an album archiving written and sonic explorations of various analog and digital systems that I use during the process of designing sound, as an attempt to demystify some synth esoteria.

Listening Instructions (suggested): Listen to this album in full or in smaller periods of time, in direct sunlight, or a low lit environment, preferably with headphones, or speakers spread far apart. Sit or lay down in a comfortable place and position. Have your favorite snacks or beverages nearby for occasional consumption. Read the track stories as the corresponding tracks play.

Internet meditation interlude entrance opening introduction cleansing clear cmd delete.
A analog bubblebath with warm water and starburst candy bath bomb, with non mainstream super esoteric ambient music playing, and fruit loops scented candles, the water reaches your body temperature and you close your eyes and start to float away, on cotton candy clouds, bubbles begin to sound larger than life. The internet seems far, far away. The concept of dirt is erased from your memory. Too many things are erased from your memory, but you’re okay with it, because the only direction is forwards.
Finally some quiet, a taxi. Steady travel. At night. With a gin and tonic, chauffeured. Take me to a black tie event. With normal people. Where I can’t make out faces. A place where I can ignore important tasks. And time doesn't move. Dragged by the hand into an endless hallway. Escaping with someone, anyone. If I could fill all my bags with the items on these walls I would. And fill a room with infinite things. A hoarder's dream. But just to look at. I have a separate room for the things I used. Stumbling. She's walking maybe a bit too fast.
i get too cold drawn some that:
A song in silence: Its so I get it’s so I get its for to go on or not its so I get it's there you were cold in it call the word hold to he had night after as. A thought about the idea of. What do I you actually want? Inherently peaceful. In its simplicity.
jazz beat in soil (movement 1 and 2):
The jazz bar on ⟊⏃⋉⋉ ⏚⏃⍀ and opcod 19287 off of conduit Jester. A quintet for romance, in two movements. With a Paloma. Movement two suggests a red, 2021 preferably. And filet mignon. I can afford I t, for both of us.
Back to work, wired. I'm dating the boss's daughter, I gotta be there on time. Little does he know she's cheating on me. What a scandal. With Cathy in HR. I knew she was a lesbian. You can’t sneak out an air lock, and she was bad at excuses. Oh your book club, all the way in sector G. I haven't said anything about it yet. This job pays well. And Cathy is 7 feet tall. I’m only 2 feet 4 inches and 45 centimeters. I can't compete. She'll punt me. As long as I get my numbers in this quarter. I’ll quit. I’ll have a cig now. I never thought to go out on the balcony. No one ever does. Probably because we work on the 596th floor. The air is dry up here. I think I’ll go out for a cig now. The whole office won't get sucked out through this door once I open it right haha. [the entire office did indeed implode in on itself through the glass pane door the second it was pulled inward.] Well… definitely getting fired now.
Pleasantly drunk, with wings:
A return to some home. A dinner at someone else's. With a beer, driven in a car with many miles. Those swirly things you see when you get up too fast, haven't eaten all day, or stare at a perfect blue sky, have a sound. An awkward couple, yet charming. Retired.
swih aybz intersexon:
You find yourself millenia deep in incomprehensible alien data simplex intersections, figures of light speed past and begin to intimidate you. A confrontation. With only words, a new story. With noise and absence of time. A feeling of longing. A nostalgia of the unknown. An afrofuturist retrofuture. Dark in headlights. Frozen, melting and falling infinitely. Limbo, traveling. All of your technology will function properly this mercury retrograde: Place 10 fruity pebbles on your phone and laptop every morning and night for good luck with technology this mercury retrograde. Something else that might help is suspending a bag of your technology above a large body of water for 5 seconds, or bringing your technology at least 1000 ft above sea level.

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